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Show Box is situated in the heart of the foremost prestigious Xinyi district, with “Multi Creative Performance Art” as its essence. Show Box aims to achieve the highest acclaim as the leading performing arts venue by deploying and combining all its assets within “ATT 4 Fun”, by utilizing partnerships between fashion merchandising, restaurants and night clubs in support of all Show Box events and its performing artists. The professional administration team constantly strives to seek out the foremost spectacles worldwide and leading artists of their fields, proving first class visual, audio, intellectual, emotional and artistic excellence at every turn!



ATT SHOW BOX Innovation

Culture + Art + Fashion + Entertainment + Exhibition = Multi creative arts performance Hall

Situated on the 7th and 8th floor of “ATT 4 Fun” shopping complex, ATT Show Box has an incredible view of Xinyi district and 101 from its outdoor “Sky View Alley”.
ATT Show Box  has a ceiling of 9 meters, stretching a gross area of 1,653 square meters with a seating capacity of 1,000 . The Hall is constructed of 2 levels with luxury VIP seating on 8th floor, where the lounge bar is situated, it also connects to the outdoor “Sky View Alley”, perfect for all sorts of parties!
The facility is equipped and fully capable in hosting media, press release, merchandise retail and food and beverage outside the hall’s premises. All the above factors combined together with the reinforced publicity throughout “ATT 4 Fun” on TV screens, bill boards, brochures, escalators, broadcasts, internet social media and ATT show box APP ,best demonstrates the innovation and inspiration of Show Box.
Inspiration :
Specifically designed and built for all genres of live performing arts, producing the latest trend in cultural and entertainment platforms.
Functionality :
Able to cater for all international and domestic, cultural, commercial, business and entertainment functions and events. Fashion and Visual division, Cultural and Arts division, Multi-Media and Exhibition Division and European and Overseas Division.
Consumer Target :
Age group between 18-45 quality awareness, passion for trend, new age living, creative performing arts and tourism.
ATT SHOW BOX Innovation
Taiwan’s first fusion performance arts venue integrating culture with trend, ATT Show Box is dedicated to creating brand new experiences, focused on providing first-class enjoyment in a luxurious environment, fully extending the concept of “cultural creativity with spectacular entertainment”. It strives to produce ground breaking, inspiring and culturally stimulating events in order to always be at the forefront of “Multi-Cultural Creative Art”




About ATT SHOW BOX [ 2012-05-24 ]